Are you feeling brave? If so, why not visit the true great remaining wilderness on Earth, the imperious and magnificent ice-world Antarctica. Your reward will be some of the most unique and inspiring landscapes and visual experiences of your life. From the air you can marvel at the sheer scale and vastness of the icy continent. However, the best way to truly see Antarctica is to bravely cruise through the huge icebergs and islands to see just how impressive and beautiful these naturally formed wonders are. Emperor and King Penguins are true icons of the winter paradise, and spots where they migrate are often destinations of most cruises in the area. Pendulum Cove on Deception Island offers visitors a rare warm spot with volcano-heated springs well worth a dip. And you can even join the relatively tiny group of humans ever to be able to say they have reached the South Pole, as the spot is now thankfully reachable by helicopter.

Where is it?
It is the most southern landmass in the world, overlying the South Pole, and is so large that it is separated into 2 regions, Western and Eastern. It is most easily reachable from Australia and South America, either by air or sea.

What is it?
Antarctica is the coldest and driest continent on the planet, and it is formed of 98% Ice. It is also the continent with the highest average elevation, and is home to various huge mountain ranges. Thanks to the 1959 Antarctic treaty, the continent is well protected from military activity and is home only to dedicated scientific research by various countries.

Best time to visit?
The Antarctic summer begins in December and runs until March. This is the finest time to see Antarctica at its most spectacular, as the skies are at their brightest and the conditions are akin to a crisp winter’s day. Amazingly, there is 24 hours of sunshine during this period, as opposed to the chilling eternal darkness of the winter.

Must See?
Paradise Bay, in Western Antarctica, is the summation of the continents beauty. The clear blue skies sit atop sheer white snow which crowns some of the world’s largest and most stunning icebergs. The cheer size of the soaring icebergs and glaciers seem otherworldly, and the huge flying Albatrosses and sun-bathing leopard seals truly make the Bay an incredible visual experience.

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